About Romuva

Cinema „Romuva“ was opened by two businessman Antanas Steikūnas and Petras Steikūnas in 1940. The building in Laisvės avenue was built in two years, however, the founders faced many difficulties at the time.  Despite the difficulties ‘Romuva’ was considered the most spacious, modern and original theatre not only in Kaunas and Lithuania, but also in the Baltic States. During the cinema construction period ‘Romuva’ owners were offered 50 000 Litas by other competitors to stop the construction.

During the WWII cinema ‘Romuva’ was nationalised and the film programme was severely controlled by the National cinema board. Despite that ‘Romuva’ became a beautiful and romantic cinema to go to for a few generations who lived through. After Lithuania has recovered its independence from Soviet Union, the theatre went through the privatization process.

Regardless of all the difficulties and challenges in the past, nowadays ‘Romuva’ remains the centre of art-house cinema in Kaunas. It became a member of European films network Europa Cinemas in 2015.  ‘Romuva’ is a venue of most film festivals in Lithuania, special screenings and events. It also organizes outdoor screenings during summer in Kaunas city.

The building of ‘Romuva’ theatre is the oldest original cinema building in Lithuania which is being reconstructed since autumn 2016. Temporarily the screenings are organized at temporarily screening hall, address Kęstučio str. 62, Kaunas. For more information please visit: